Ostën Boen Designs


Projects: Durfee House

Durfee House is nearing completion as you can see with the addition of the siding and decks on the new photos below. This house is a work in progress. We used steel for the cantilevered decks and span-Crete for the carport floors, which form the garage ceiling below the carport. The tuck under garage is 28 x 40, and storm proof.

The house features an open living plan, in terms of walls inside, and also an open plan to the exterior where it matters. There are 16 exits, allowing for multiple entries for use as both a home and office. The house also employs a back-up power system, which has an auto start for extended vacation protection.

With 5000 square feet of heated area and view of both Durfee Creek and Lake Superior, along with acreage and pond, this entire property has an estate look.