Ostën Boen Designs


Sustainable Organic Architecture

Process of Design

We believe the design process starts with an on site meeting with the clients for site evaluation. If the location of the property can not be visited at that time, a number of site photo's will work along with a plat drawing, topographical drawings if available, and legal description. With this information and the answers to a list of questions that we will ask of the clients either in person or in some form of communication we will have the information to formulate a contract price based on what phases of my services would be needed.

Overview of services

  1. Preliminaries
    1. Perspective view (true to scale)
    2. All floor plans to scale with scaled furnishings in each room (to get a feel of the room size) and some overall dimensions of the entire building. These drawing will be done in an exact scale taking into consideration things like INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS NEEDS, WILDERNESS ISSUES, ISSUES OF GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION (whether it be remote wilderness or rural powered), CONFORMITY TO SITE, AND GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS AND ARCHITECTURE. Any changes to these preliminary drawings will be done prior to starting the Construction Documents.
  2. Construction Documents and specifications consists of
    1. All pertinent information and drawings to bid and construct said project.
    2. Standard sheets being all floor plans, elevation drawings, foundation drawings, cross sections, details of custom trim, construction and engineered footings will be supplied as applicable.
    3. Electrical drawings, along with location of all specialty electrical devices set forth by the client. Any needed high tech electrical wiring such as smart home technology will be added to the standard costs.
  3. Site visits
    This would be done by an hourly rate under my contract. Location of job sites vary dramatically in remote area's and it is impossible to estimate the time for such an under taking.

    Architectural Fees are determined by a percentage of construction costs and these vary depending on the phases of the design process you wish to employ our services. The initial meeting or site visit will allow us to make those calculations at no cost to the client if in the local areas.

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