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Custom Home Accessories

Rumford Fireplaces

An important addition to one's home or cottage is a proper fireplace. Read more...

Entry Gates

Entry gates provide privacy and security, plus a added a sense of grandeur to the property. These entrances can be designed to your needs, such as using stone, brick sentinels, wood or metal materials. If desired, solar-powered operators can be installed to open the gates remotely from your vehicle.

Durfee House Entry

Durfee House Entry Gate

Wood Cravings and Art Work

Owl CarvingCustom-made wood carvings give your home a unique character. This hand-carved owl watches over visitors.

Eagle Moose Antler Carving

Every fireplace looks good with a handcrafted-mantle, whether it be log or finely crafted Honduras Mahogany with or without cravings.