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Sustainable Organic Architecture

Ostën Boen Designs: Designing and Building with Green in Mind

Being a C.A.D.D. "Computer Aided Drafting and Design" operating design firm enables us to have a high level of accuracy in the details of the design which are not found in hand drawn plans. Chances for error in measurement accumulation are greatly reduced, and being able to design in a 3-dimensional environment allows us to see design flaws that do not show up in 2-dimensional drafting.

We are one of the few companies that excels in perspective work. Perspectives are included in all of our work, allowing the client to see exactly what the structure will look like on completion.This is a great asset to both the client and the designer. Two-dimensional work or isometric drawings are important to the plan set where applicable but do not show the true look of the building the way a true perspective can. Just check out our projects section for examples.